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Qualifier Questions

With two qualifiers coming up for the USMNT, Jurgen Klinsmann has some flexibility with his roster.  Expect him to select a lineup with players who might potentially fill out the bench spots on the roster. By Andrew Pokorny. 

154244826Klinsmann needs to figure out who he can trust come summertime 

Andrew Pokorny-

With all of this in mind, here are three questions that Klinsmann faces for these qualifiers and Brazil 2014.

Is Johannsson for real?

Aron has scored 10 goals in 13 games so far this season for AZ.  Needless to say, he is on fire.  So much so, that Celtic are going to make a bid when the time comes.  However, with less than 90 minutes of action for the USMNT, he has not had the time to show what he can really do.  Klinsmann should really give Johannsson the start in both of the qualifiers in order to see what he can contribute to the squad.

Will Altidore’s play suffer because of Sunderland?

It’s no secret that Sunderland are struggling right now.  With only four goals in six games, they are having some serious trouble scoring.  All of this looks very bad for Altidore, their main striker.  One can’t help but wonder if this move is actually hurting Jozy.  The team is bound for relegation at this moment and has already made a managerial switch; the last thing that needs to happen for Altidore is to have this team collapse, but all signs lead to this doom.  Hopefully these upcoming qualifiers will give Altidore an opportunity to get back into his groove.

Who is the starting right back?

This might be the biggest question for Klinsmann right now.  Both Evans and Parkhurst don’t seem to be the right fit in the lineup, especially with both not receiving the proper time nor facing very challenging competition right now.  Timmy Chandler has gotten off to a fast start with FC Nurnberg, but for some reason Klinsmann has always seemed to have a grudge against him.  However, expect Chandler to get a call up soon and see some meaningful time on the field.  Ultimately, Geoff Cameron is probably best suited for the position as he is the starting right back for Stoke City.  Yet, Klinsmann doesn’t think right back is “his position” and because of this avoids playing him there.  It will be very interesting to see who plays right back as we get closer to Brazil 2014.

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