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It’s only three games into the NHL season, but teams are already starting to form their identities for the season. It’s time to take a look at the early successes and failures in Anaheim. By Andrew Miller

la-sp-viktor-fasth-20131002Fasth is not having the same success this season

Andrew Miller-

It’s fair to start by saying any one who jumps to conclusions through three games does not know hockey. After all, the Capitals won just two games in their first 11 last year, then went on to cruise into the playoffs. Don’t freak out over anything said in this article.

Now that the PSA is out of the way, there are some things that can be noted while the season is still young.

1) Jakob Silverberg looks comfortable 

Three games, three points, and three happy line mates resulted from a quick start by Silverberg. After coming over in the Bobby Ryan trade from Ottawa, many people were cautiously optimistic at the youngster’s talent. Paired with Dustin Penner and Mathieu Perreault, who have combined for four points, Silverberg appears to have settled in. Coach Boudreau can only hope the second line production remains steady.

2) The goalie situation is still unsettled

It was not going to be figured out over night, but neither Jonas Hiller nor Viktor Fasth has jumped out of the gates to claim it either. Although both have secured a win, Fasth through two starts has given up eight goals on just 46 shots, including a 6-1 thrashing in Colorado.

Hiller played slightly better giving up just three goals in an overtime win against the Wild, but nothing eye opening. So far they have alternated starts and, if the trend continues, Hiller will face the Rangers Monday night.

3) They will need to find their A game before an eight game road stretch

Two wins and one loss is never a poor start, but when a minus three-goal differential comes as a side effect, no one should be overly excited. Starting Monday night, Anaheim will start a five game home stretch before hitting the road for eight in a row. The goal should be to win every game obviously, but four out of five would be the perfect solution to gain some momentum as the season gets in full swing.

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