About Us

About Us

If you clicked on this page you must want to learn “About Us,” so the first thing I’ll tell you to do is click away from this page and go read our site’s content. It’s the best way to learn what we are all about, by reading the passionate, knowledge-based articles that we produce daily. So go.

Now that you’ve read the hundreds of articles that we’ve put out, I can tell you a little bit about the site. As for history, no need to say much, just that the four us were mad that the Sixers had lost to the Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals so we ordered wings and started a sports blog. Just another night at the Israel’s.

To summarize who Niko Regalbuto, Tim Israel, Kevin Israel, and myself (Jesse Dougherty) are would be the best way to tell you about the site we created through our bond of sport. We are prototypical sports fans, who rely on just about everything sport for not just entertainment, but as a consistent outlet from our lives that would be simply bland regardless. We are idiosyncratic, obsessive, and meticulous as all true fans are, and before starting Stoop Sports had a clear vision of what we wanted in the media outlets that we follow religiously. From that, we created this website with the mantras that we have developed as utmost consumers of sports media, and what you see is a reflection of what we would want in the ideal sports site.

With that being said, we are forever adapting our content to fit both our own needs as fans and the needs of our viewers. As we grow, so does our loyal viewership and the demand for constant change, and we are extremely responsive to this since we know how impatient sports fans can be.

So put us on your favorites list, in your twitter feed, in your likes on Facebook, and tell your friends. If you love sports like we do or are a fan in any capacity, you won’t be disappointed.

Enjoy the site,

Jesse Dougherty
Stoop Sports Editor in Chief

Meet the Stoop Sports’ Founders (Site Administrators)

  Niko Regalbuto (Philadelphia, PA)- Site Administrator, VP of Social Media and Staff Writer. Junior at West Chester University. Read Niko’s articles here and Tweet @StoopBasketball

A junior at West Chester University, Niko is currently pursuing a degree in Business Management. During the Spring of 2011, he interned at Sportsnetwork.com. He’s a very fanatical NBA fan, and when he’s not writing articles or searching for ways to improve Stoop Sports, you can find him live tweeting any and every basketball game. 

Contact Niko by email at Stoopsports@gmail.com, Nikreg1@gmail.com, or by phone at (215)-939-1573

  Jesse Dougherty (Elkins Park, PA)- Site Administrator, Editor in Chief, and Staff Writer. Sophomore at Syracuse University. Read Jesse’s articles here and tweet @dougherty_jesse

Jesse is a Staff Writer for Syracuse University’s Daily Orange, where he currently writes on the Softball beat. He also appeared in the Philadelphia Inquirer as a senior in high school, and is currently pursuing a degree in Print and Online Journalism at Syracuse University. 

Contact Jesse by email at stoopsports@gmail.com, jcdoug01@syr.edu or by phone at (215)-301-9319

  Kevin Israel (Lafayette Hill, PA)- Site Administrator, Business Manager and Staff Writer. Senior at Babson College. Read Kevin’s articles here.

Currently in his senior year at Babson College, Kevin plays center forward for the varsity soccer team. As a Business major, Kevin aspires to be a young entrepreneur. His insight and background provide the business end of our site, that is when he isn’t writing passionate soccer articles, of course.

Contact Kevin by email at stoopsports@gmail.com, kisrael14@gmail.com or by phone at (215) 828-4224

  Tim Israel (Lafayette Hill, PA)- Site Administrator, Assistaint Editor in Chief and Staff Writer. Sophomore at Wesleyan University. Read Tim’s articles here and Tweet @Average_Tim

Tim Israel is currently a sophomore at Wesleyan University, still searching for a major with a passion for sports journalism. Tim can talk any sport we cover with extensive knowledge and is the energy guy of the group.  When Tim isn’t writing or editing for the Stoop, he is most likely watching or talking sports.

Contact Tim by email at stoopsports@gmail.com, tisrael94@gmail.com or by phone at (267) 804-1557

For information, questions, or interests in joining The Stoop as a writer, editor or member of our marketing team, email us at stoopsports@gmail.com

If you would like to audition for a spot on our writing staff please read and fill out this form and return it to us via the email provided above.

Form – Stoop Sports Audition Form


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